Saturday, March 07, 2009

Three Birthdays at Rainforest Restaurant Miri

Friday 6th March we gathered together to celebrate the birthdays of three of our cell group members : Pearly and Audrey and Mrs. Jacklyn Sim.

It was a fine time at a fairly good restaurant called the Rainforest . We ordered seven dishes with the most important longevity noodles fried in Sitiawan style.

There was a cake of course!!

the three birthday girls with Mr. Sim the sole male member of our group and Miss Sii our leader.

We have single ladies who are almost all from Sibu!!

This is a special mixed vegetables dish which come out all wrapped up in bean curd sheet!!

This is the lovely crispy pata (Philipino pork) at RM 38 which is a fair price to pay. And just nice to go round. Young ladies are very dainty eaters.

This is the special branded toufoo of the restaurant. The toufoo is soft as silk and the taste is just great. Very little aji no moto and just enough salt.

This is the longevity noodles.

So happy birthday again to the three wonderful ladies.....

The Rainforest Restaurant is situated at the back of the Pacific Orient Hotel. Look for the lady with glasses . She is very caring and responsible. Besides she is soft spoken and very very well mannered.

I am going back to eat the special beggar's chicken. Stay tuned.

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Just a Little Kindness said...

Yeah I recognise two of the teachers mentioned by you!!

Hope you have a good birthday celebration. The food looks good. We normally order roasted chicken and a good soup. We also order midin which is very well done.

You must try their different ways of doing duck. But no many of my familiy members like duck.

Have you tried the E-Mart restaurant? Try their sea food dishes.

yvonne said...

Nice to see Miss Audrey in the photo. She is a cheerful and kind teacher.

Thank you.

sarawakiana said...

Dear Jalk
Thanks for visiting. Will try the Emart restaurant. But it is rather far for most of us.

sarawakiana said...

Dear Yvonne

Thank you. I agree with you. Miss Audrey is a great person. A very rare breed indeed. We are lucky to have her as a friend.

all3cool said...

Haha...thank you very much for such compliments. Seems like I need to keep up to that...hmmm....cheerful and kind. Btw, which Yvonne is this? Just wondering... *think*

sarawakiana said...

Ai yo I don't know who she is as she has not left her email. May be one of your students or someone who knows us!

I know three Yvonnes in Miri. But not them.


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