Monday, March 23, 2009

Toastmasters' Farewell

All good things must come to an end.

And so my stint as a special hoteliers' English teacher must come to a sweet end.

The last Dynasty Hotel Toastmasters Club meeting was also my farewell session. It was sweet and very heartfelt. 2 years 9 months seem to have passed like a blink of the eye.

A lot can be written about the second group (tyhe first group having graduated in Nov 2007)and their efforts but I will let the smiles in the photos bear witness to a project well done! After the TM meeting they organised a very heavy almost midnight supper!! Secretly they have bought a beautiful and a too expensive pearl necklace which I cannot wear in places where I love to go, like the jungle or the poverty stricken areas of the world. However they have noticed that I love wearing necklaces for official duties and I will definitely keep this special gift dearly. How sweet and thoughtful these young people are.

Special cangkok manis beehoon - Bidayuh style - winning preparation.

Ever popular KFC

Pizza is a favourite with young people.

Last word of the evening - Farewell - written neatly on the board by Rezzeni.

Luli, Fitri and Rezzeni

Roland, Jamal, Amelia and Christine

Christine, Titus, Rita,Sureani and Adian(who was running a temperature but was a great Toastmaster of the Evening)

Rezzeni,Douglas,Hong Ai Hua, Nicole

Nicole,Hazella, Sufauni and Jin

Final group photo. They completed their ten speech assignments despite uphill challenges and time constraints. Well done!

One special phase of my life ends and another will begin. I will always hold them dear in my heart.

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Just a Little Kindness said...

Hope you won't stop blogging!

sarawakiana said...

I will see what I can write and carry on. Just keep reading and commenting!! Thanks.


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