Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tea Group

It was a lovely evening as Phyllis and I arrived at the rather inconspicuous corner shop near the Methodist Secondary School. The entrance to the Methodist Message Office was even more inconspicuous! The streets were quiet because it was a Public Holiday to celebrate Prophet Mohammad's birthday.

I was told that landmarks to indicate where the Methodist Message Office could be found were the MAS office and DAP's Wong Ho Leng's office!

And inside the office was another inner office or sanctuary which is Meng Lei's book and tea tins lined office. There were already ten or so members ( ten or more is a very Foochow reckoning)sipping tea daintily from those lovely tea cups.

The welcome was very touching and brotherly!! I felt as if I had come back from my river and lake (kerng hoo) escapade and I was home with brothers and sisters in arms. Unknown to me Meng Lei had sent out an sms to let friends know that he was having a tea meeting even though it was a public holiday thus making this post possible.

And I thank Phyllis and Meng Lei for this wonderful tea journey.

Stay tuned!!

(Photo by Liong - a tea group friend and sent to me by Meng Lei)

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Ketam said...

so far, I have met only "thesibu" at KL.

sarawakiana said...

Nice of you drop by!!

It would be nice if most of us can meet some day in the future.

Beng Beng often goes to KL. Two of my children are in KL so I might have a chance to meet up with you.
And you are always welcome in Miri and Sibu of course.

Stay tuned.

Just a Little Kindness said...

Yeah - start one tea gang in Miri too!

sarawakiana said...

I am not sure about this as I do not know many bloggers from Miri. I understand that there is a Photography Club which you can join if you like. But I do not have the contact. May be if you visit James Wong's blog you can ask him.

Thanks for commenting.

abana said...

I learnt that you're in Sibu recently as told by Philip.Actually he called me that morning to join you all.But I was caught up with my office work.
Really missed the chance. God's willing we will meet in the near future.

sarawakiana said...

It's ok. I will be coming home more often see you soon.
I have already put my email in my profile. View it.

Keep in touch. And definitely I will call up Siew Chuo and others too.

Good of you to visit the blog. will take a look at yours soon.


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