Monday, May 04, 2009

Anchovies from Bakam

(Still on the move but lingering at Sarawakiana)

Little did I know that a little morning trip up to the Bakam would give more pleasure than expected. And that is the essence of an adventure!

Not expecting much from a short half an hour's drive along the coast I did not bring a cooler box. Lo and behold the fishing boats had come in and I met this fantastic fisher woman who wanted to sell two lovely piles of anchovies (bilis) for peanuts! And I knew then that my evening's TV dinner was already prepared as I dug out my ringgits from my purse!

I had the heads cut off because I did not fancy eating the heads. Although I do know that most connoisseurs would keep the heads but clean out the stomachs. The scales were left on because they do give such a crunchiness and tastiness to the small fish.
My friend David said that when he was young these anchovies and other smaller fish were fried very crispy tail and heads and stomachs and all. He ate everything! So I hope he would see this page and have another eyeful of our local bilis/anchovies.

Here's my TV dinner - fried anchovies on a nest of thinly sliced cucumber with lots of lemon squeezed on them. The basil is from my own garden box. A little mashed potatoes at the side and a nice glass of white wine to wash down the feast!!


The anchovies can be grilled too but I was not in the mood for grilling - too much work for just one person. This is a photo of californian anchovies which are bluer and slimmer.

While bilis or anchovies remain poor man's food I hope the recession would not drive the price up. Let us all enjoy some great deep fried cheap fish from the sea.

A simple gift of the sea! Keep our water clean!

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Superman said...

Nice fish. Yes, we should always keep the water clean.

David Chin said...

Yes, I see your yummy anchovies

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thanks Superman!! Yes we all must make our little contribution to keep our water clean.
the Thames has been cleaned up and we should all learn lessons from the project and many others in the world!!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yes David
I can eat every part of the anchovies ...everything indeed!! hahahahah

Kai Grey said...

i really miss the fish from back home. over here when i eat fried fish there is no head or no tail. tsk.
the fried fish sounds good now. i really want to eat the small deep fried ikan keli. that was really good.

Ensurai said...

Hi...miss you too. When you come back I will fry lots of these anchovies for you...and served with the nice hill padi a meal can be so wonderfully shared!! With great conversation thrown in!
Hope the days go by quickly. (sigh)

peacemaker88 said...

I must buy some of these bilis...we usually cook them in banana leaves. But deep fried anchovies presented in this way gives them a nice flair! TQ!

Ensurai said...

Do you watch Fare Exchange?
Very good presentation for fusion food.
Simple ordinary food is often very very delicious.


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