Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Shark for Sale

I have always wondered how people could eat baby sharks or a puppies.
I have always wondered how people could eat unhatched chicks.
I have always wondered at the dried up cockroaches found in some Chinese medicine prescriptions. (To get rid of wind in the body)

And I often wonder how many baby rats we Foochows have eaten many many years ago in Sibu.

4 memories:

Anonymous said...

reef sharks

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks. I will soon read more about sharks...and how we humans eat up more babies of other species....This would be a really good idea for TV programmes.
Hope you drop by again...

Superman said...

This is the small shark. Some hunt for whales as well and kill it and make the sea red colour. Scary.

sarawakiana said...

Hello Superman...
My mother just had some wonderful Ikan Kurau from Penang. Pa Tieh Poh. She said it is wonderful. We must only eat what is abundantly available provided by God.
If turtles are disappearing we must really control our desire for their eggs.


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