Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ozzie - Sarawak Lunch

I will let you have a key hole peep into my social life in Miri.

Two friends have been sharing my Miri life since I moved over towards the end of the 80's when I bundled four children into a four wheel with a truck load of personal effects for the biggest move I ever made in my life. It was like out of the comfort zone to an unknown world. It could have been the Sahara Desert!

Well so many years have gone "under the bridge" ! Now two girls have found their life partners I have two to take care of.

Since my retirement I have also learned to visit friends at their homes and perhaps have a dinner or two out with old friends in one of the nice restaurants in Miri. It is indeed a different kind of lifestyle.

Here my Ozzie Connection brings you a few photos of the lovely lunch I had not long ago. Good conversation and lots of laughter and of course good food and good wine made the afternoon such a wonderful occasion. Without moral support from such good friends the years living in Miri might not have been so amazing and enriching!

This is an Australian Egg curry which is served on special occasions in Australia. Not as spicy as Malaysian curry you can get this dish in many Australian restaurants.

A good Sunday lunch with an Australian family often includes a nicely roasted chicken which is fragrant and tender.

White rice is well loved by my Australian hostess.

Olives is part of a good lunch and a special treat for a good friend.

My friend makes a superb salad with a great dressing. Her herbs are from her own garden. I can even feel that Jamie Oliver is out there cutting her beautiful herbs for the meal!

My friend's husband does a good Iban/Bidayuh BBQ babi (tunu babi). Excellent and juicy. Definitely one piece is not enough.

As we sat down and enjoyed the tropical heat(an occasional natural breeze) with such a wonderful spread we wonder where all the years have gone. Our children are away from our nests and here we were talking warmly about the past and even small hopes of the future.

But laughter is definitely a greater part of our life now as we journey into the early twilight years of our life....Here's cheers to good friends!

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peacemaker88 said...

Interesting post of an Ozzie lunch in Miri.

I like olives too.

Ensurai said...

Hi Peacemaker
It is always nice to have a homecooked meal with good ol' friends.
Relaxing with a good conversation.

Unknown said...

I have two Australian dishes which I cook very often at home for my relatives : the mincedbeef and cabbage stirfry and the Australian Curried Eggs.
They are quick to cook and they get finished just as fast.
Thanks for the memories.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

I hope you are well!
Children always remember their mother's best dishes.
A mother must place her hopes on her children and pray for them every day.


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