Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Scenic Spot along Miri River - Rarely Seen by Many

I love riverine life. And I often reach out to friends who have a boat to take me up the Miri River. One boat had cost me RM180 for a two hour ride once and a tragic accident caused my friend and I to drop our cameras into the water filled boat.

Then there was another occasion when another friend hired a boat for half a day and it rained so heavily that we just lost our deposit and the kindly fisherman went home while we sat at a nearby coffee shop to nurse our emptied pockets and sick hearts.

That put an end to my ideas of travelling up the Miri River for a while.

A few weekends ago a dear friend of mine took me to her relatives' home and I got these three shots...We spent a lot of time cooking nasi lemak and socialising and soon the sun set and that was it...a golden opportunity was gone too quickly.

Perhaps some other time.

NEAR.... NEARER....... NEAREST......

4 memories:

Yan said...

Really awesome! Thank you for sharing such beauty - I have to say again - His creation is great!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yes God's handiwork is marvellous. I love the reflections on the peaceful water.
We used to love shouting across the river = increased volume.
god bless you and your family.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice photos. I too agree that if we look closely Miri has many beautiful places.

For me Bakam has a lot to offer.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thanks Kamaliah.
I like Bakam too where the Chinese lived very peacefully with the Melanaus and Kedayans.
Do you know that Hawaii Beach is one of the oldest Chinese beach resort. I remember meeting the oldest Chinese woman of Miri there.
There is a lot of history to uncover if we care to...but unfortunately many people do not have the focus and also the funds to do so...and then things just get buried....buried...buried....


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