Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kampong Bakam Mother Supplementing Family Income

Not too long ago my friend and I dropped by this Kedai Kopi Kita at Bakam to try out the lady's coffee (in a glass mug with lots of condensed milk).

In our conversation which I really liked because we were her only customers she told us about her children and how she and her husband were so prepared to work hard to support them at tertiary education level. She has a son doing master's degree and that's important for her.

She used to fry noodles at Tamu Muhibbah Miri and after the squatters have moved away from Canada Hill she could not really make ends meet. In those days she was quite comfortable and was able to help educate all her children reasonably well. Life was comfortable too. But today life is a little tougher too because people are no longer spending as much as before.

She moved around and then finally came back to Bakam her own kampong to start this simple travellers' stop - a small wooden roadside coffee stall.

So many mothers today are working hard so that their children can fulfill their aspirations.

Today I would like to wish all mothers especially the working mothers a Happy Mother's Day.

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Superman said...

Parents are welling to do anything for their kids for sure. So touched to hear the mum is working so hard to support her children. The current economy is really getting bad even the stock market is up so much. Only the rich will be richer and the poor will still be poor...

Ensurai said...

I agree with you. When the prices for Mutual funds are low many people want to buy but then worry every night about the ups and downs...still the best is sell own products from the farm and rake in cash...and then buy up cheap property ..the traditional way may still be a better option.
This mother is very admirable. But life is still fairly hard for her and I hope her children will be filial.

chung said...

I have been up Bakam recently to just eat fresh young coconut and do a bit of fishing.

From our elders' stories we really learn to manage our even harder with economic downturn and runaway inflation...Every thing is going up even with pettol prices going down.

Life is not fair to the poorer people.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yeah I agree with you. We need to support the lower income group by buying more things from them! Give them the stimulus to improve their business!! Hope our nation's stimulus plan can help more income for the lower income group....rather than go overseas.

headsteadi said...

very touching.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thanks for visiting Headsteadi.
There are many such stories where parents struggle to educate their children through all sorts of businesses.
Some low income earners like waitresses for example depend so much on good tips to make ends meet. These tips given by generous customers help them survive in these turbulent and depressive days.
I just hope that many of the ladies who were tons of diamonds would care to tip a little more.

Unknown said...

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