Saturday, June 21, 2008

Black and White Wedding Photos 1940's - 1960's

This is going to be one of the most beautiful pages of my blog. The weddings of my elders in Sibu and Singapore. Sadly,my family does not have many of these black and white photos in our beloved possessions.

How lovely a wedding can be , captured in black and white by good photographers. I would say Amen to the blessings pronounced by the officiating Reverend at that time. These couples have indeed cherished each other over the years!!

The newly wedded Mr and Mrs. Lau Pang Kwong. The gentleman sitting down was Great Grand Father Tiong King Sing. The wedding took place in the Masland Church

Mr. and Mrs. Tiong Tai King the newly wedded couple met each other at the Yuk Ing Girls' School, Sibu.

Mr. and Mrs. Goh Soon Tioe, Singapore. My aunt Tiong Lee Sieng became a great and well respected teacher in Singapore and raised three daughters who excelled in music.

My father and mother in their 1948 wedding. After the Japanese war the economy had not recover.

My 9th aunt married Mr. Henry Lim (also from Sibu) in Kuching.

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Gaharuman said...

Lovely photos. I like black and white photos. The fact that b & w photos are no longer in use makes me feel that they are precious antiques!!

juliz said...

I think you can still buy bland and white films from the better studios in town and you can continue to take very good pictures with SLR cameras.

Many of us are spoilt by digital cameras.

Take a look. I am still using SLR .

Bible Knowledge said...

Black and white photos conjure up nostalgic memories. We need to be reminded of the past filled with invaluable treasures.

Sarawakiana said...

thank you for dropping by.

I used to teach Bible Knowledge too. It is good that you are attempting to help students in this way.

I am trying to write down about things before they are forgotten.

sarawakiana said...

Dear readers,
Most of these photos are from my late father's album. He was a keen photographer but he died prematurely.
He was the first Foochow to graduate with a degree in economics and journalism. However as a very shy and honest (lo lick) he was not ambitious. He kept a lot of his thoughts very private.

sarawakiana said...

If you can check the fourth and last photos again the flower girl on the left in the fourth photo is the bride in the last photo.

She is my 9th Aunt,Greta.

The other flower girl is my father's cousin,Chiu Ik Sing.

Can you spot a best man who served in two weddings?

Ensurai said...

This is an apology , which is long over due to Vivien Goh and all my relatives for making a mistake in writing a caption for the wedding of my Second Aunt, Phyllis Chang Nguk Sieng and Uncle Onn. Instead I wrote a caption "Wedding of my first aunt, Lily Chang Lee Sieng and Uncle Goh Soon Tioe.

If in the future some one would like to use it a reference please write to me at

This blog was established 8 years ago when I used Streamyx. Now I cannot open the blog any more to make any changes.


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