Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tuesdays with Cherry

A friend from New Zealand sent me a photo of herself with her friend in her kitchen in New Zealand. They were just having a good time chatting about old times in Sarawak. I hope Mui does not mind me putting this photo here. It warms my heart to see Mui and another good friend of mine, Fiona together in the photo.

When a "foreign wife" lives in Sarawak she has to endure many cross cultural difficulties and differences. She has to make a lot of adjustments before she can settle in. And on the part of her in-laws and husband, they too had to make adjustments. One cannot take things for granted. Love can endure all things BUT not always.

This brought to mind my good Kiwi neighbour in Sibu all those years ago. ....

I have not seen or met Cherry Tang of Sungei Merah for more than 15 years.

And I don't have any digital pictures to show.

Cherry Nicolson-Tang was my Sungei Merah neighbour's daughter-in-law.

Before Mitch Abum wrote his book, Tuesdays with Morrie, I often jokingly told my family that I was spending "Tuesdays with Cherry".

For several years, before Cherry went back to New Zealand, we spent lovely Tuesday afternoons together, chatting about literature, life's philosophy,and general topics .

I really appreciated her kindness, patient company and thoughtfulness.

On my birthday before she left for new Zealand for good, she brought a simple cup cake with a candle . That was simply memorable. It brought tears to my eyes then. I had to live on courageously without her company in the years to come.

Every one must have a good and understanding neighbour . Every young mother must have a friend's shoulder to cry on.

Thanks Cherry for all the Tuesdays you gave me.

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david santos said...

Excellent post, Sarawakiana, excellent!
Happy day

Sarawakiana said...

Thanks David.

Visit again.

God bless

Miz Ainz said...

i love to read ur blog! n i love the book tuesdays with morrie makes me cry! can i link u ino my blog?

Sarawakiana said...

Sure ! You are welcome to link yours to mine. But I do hope your readers do not mind my blog being sooooooooFoooooochooooooow and sooooo Siiiiiiibuuuuuuuu!!!

And I am touched by your youthfulness and zest for life!!

Carry on your good work!

Miz Ainz said...

Yeah just trying to learn alot new stuff =) n living my life the fullest! y be an unhappy while i can be happy? heheh n i linked u..thank u so much =)

Sarawakiana said...

Smile and the world smiles with you.

Sing out loud!! Nothing can be better than singing.

Laugh...and you know what? People will be wondering what you have to laugh about. That's your secret!!
Laughter is a good medicine.

Write and your writing journey will be good.


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