Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Rattan and Wood Plantation Chair

My paternal grandfather owned a very beautiful rattan and wood plantation chair which he loved. It was very similar to the one in the photo. In fact this kind of chair is very hard to find unless one can find an antique shop which stocks this model. This type of chairs were very popular in the 1920's. Indians and the Thais made a lot of these chairs for the South East Asian market.

Grandfather would sleep on it in the afternoon as he had this siesta habit. The chair was very cool and airy because of the rattan used. He placed this chair in his little room where he had some privacy from children and visitors. Having very set habits no one should disturb his afternoon rest and my grandmother made sure that the rules were kept in the house.

Sometimes we naughty children would climb up the beautiful chair and try to sleep in it. But unfortunately, because we were small, we could not raise our feet onto the foot rest and the chair was too long for us. So we did not have the pleasure of getting a good afternoon's rest in this excellent, ergonomically made chair.

We will always remember with fondness that we tried our best not to disturb grandfather when he was having his afternoon sleep.

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Miss LuLu said...

owhh rattan chairs! i remember my nenek in kampong used to own this chair but its a rocking was fun to us kids as we used to rock in it but i get uncomfortable when i sit on it for a long time, donno mayb coz its made of rattan all over..hahaa grandpa at thai still have this chair too at his house!

Sarawakiana said...

That's nice to know. I am sure your grandpa loves his long chair.

You must keep it as it is a good antique.

rubberseeds said...

Pls let me have your email address. I want to send you some pictures. (

Sarawakiana said...

thanks in advance. I have sent you an email.

Check you mail box!!

This calls for a toast for cybercooperation.


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