Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mosquito Nets

What a beautiful picture!! It has a thousand tales to tell.

Lat's take on or cartoon drawings of mosquito nets sent me laughing for a long time. And he got me to remember the old square mosquito nets in the old house inb Hua Hong Ice Factory. And that there were lots of stories to tell about mosquito nets. My two siblings and I, before the rest were born were often put under one single mosquito net so that we could not be bitten by the huge mosquitoes flying around at night. All windows did not have mosquito netting at that time.

In the day time, we were often placed under a mosquito net when adult relatives and visitors came. My mother had this ingenius way of keeping us under curfew or "Kurong". She later told us that we were very well behaved and we never did crawl out of the mosquito net.

My father always slept under a mosquito net by habit. He could not sleep without one. And in those days Sibu seemed to be cooler and we did not even need a fan at night. Two big windows in a bed room, without any mosquito netting , was airy enough. So a rich, well made mosquito net was a beautiful addition to a lovely tropical bedroom.

There have been several good paintings of mosquito nets in bedrooms and of course today, fashionable magazines often advertise delectable hotel rooms with beautiful mosquito nets.

The world still loves a good mosquito net. What are your tales under a mosquito net?

Mosquito net
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A bed covered by a mosquito net.A mosquito net offers protection against mosquitos, flies, and other insects, and thus against diseases such as malaria. Its fine, see-through, mesh construction stops many insects from biting and disturbing the person using the net. The mesh is fine enough to exclude these insects, but it does not completely impede the flow of air.

Mosquito nets are often used where malaria or other insect-borne diseases are common, especially as a tent-like covering over a bed. For effectiveness, it is important that the netting not have holes or gaps large enough to allow insects to enter. Because insects can bite through the net, the net must not rest directly on the skin.

Mosquito nets treated with insecticides -- known as insecticide treated nets (ITNs) -- were developed in the 1980s for malaria prevention. These nets, impregnated with a pyrethroid insecticide like deltamethrin or permethrin, kill and repel mosquitoes. Unfortunately, standard ITNs must be replaced or re-treated with insecticide after six washes and, therefore, are not seen as a convenient, effective long-term solution to the malaria problem.

As a result, the mosquito netting and pesticide industries teamed up to develop so-called long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets (LLINs), which also use pyrethroid insecticides, but are also treated with a chemical binder that allows the nets to be washed at least 20 times, allowing use for three or more years.

Mosquito nets do reduce air flow to an extent and sleeping under a net is hotter than sleeping without one, which can be uncomfortable in tropical areas without air-conditioning.

One alternative for reducing mosquito bites is to use a fan to increase air flow, as mosquitoes prefer still air; however this is far less effective and less preferred to a mosquito net, in areas with insect-borne diseases.

Another alternative is to apply an insect repellent to the skin; this also may be less effective (reducing rather than eliminating bites) and may pose health risks with long-term use.

Mosquito control measures are often appropriate and effective, but may be impractical to undertake effectively on an individual or small-scale basis.


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