Friday, June 20, 2008

The Methodist Primary School Staff Photo

This is a rather unusual staff photo of the Methodist Primary School, Sibu, taken in the 50's. All the ladies, except two, are sitting in the front. The lady in the middle is Miss Annette Constantine, the School Supervisor.

The Headmaster at that time was Mr. Wong Kie Mee, standing on the second row.

My grand aunty is seated on the front row.

What a nice way of arranging these teachers, giving the ladies due recognition. I wonder if many organisations would ask ladies to take their seats in the front nowadays.

3 memories:

Yan said...

They all look so graceful! I mean the ladies! Yet to have a look at the gentleman when I was just quick to post this comment!

Sarawakiana said...
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Sarawakiana said...

Dear P.
The ladies look so wonderfully serene and professional.

Mr. Huang Teck Nai is the first person on the left, back row.
Dr. Wong Soon Hong is in the middle.

Can any one help me identify all of them/ thanks.


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