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We Grew Up with Archie and more!!!

We have grown up with Archie and his gang. We have lived with imagination and lots of creative ideas through their lives.
Debates have been made whether teachers should encourage their students to read comics or not. The great debate is still on. I read Archie and my children have read Archie and love him, as well as his gang.
Archie has taught a great deal to my children, on my behalf. Arhie has helpe me teach many strong values indeed. And perhaps Archie has taught my children and I one great solid lesson - the importance of friendship, within the school environment. We all need a Riverdale School, and we all need a Mr.Weatherbee,etc.
2008 - Archie celebrates 66th Anniversary. Wow!!

I would like to share an article below with you.
What do the man of steel, the caped crusader and the world's most famous mouse have in common with a red-haired, freckle-faced teenager? 500 issues! In August 2000, perennial favorite Archie Andrews joined the ranks of Superman, Batman and Mickey Mouse. It is yet another milestone for the longest-running teenage humor comic, and a preview of the festivities to come as Archie celebrates his 60th anniversary in 2002.
With 60 years of continuous publication under their belts, Archie and his friends are truly an "evergreen" property. Magazine and book sellers know they can count on this proven winner to consistently generate sales. It's easy to see why: Archie titles have broad appeal. Children are drawn to the colorful art and stories. Their parents fondly remember the wholesome characters they grew up with and pass on this love to their children. They know that Archie comics feature clean, wholesome, nonviolent entertainment that will encourage their children to read. Other adults pick up copies on impulse to relive a piece of their childhood.
The saga of everyone's favorite comic book teen began in December, 1941, with Archie's very first story in PEP COMICS #22. The girl-crazy, clumsy yet good-hearted kid was such a hit with readers that he was awarded his own title a year later. ARCHIE COMICS #1 (Winter, 1942) was the first comic book to headline Archie as the star attraction, and has been published continuously ever since.
In addition to comic books, popular spin-off projects in music, radio, television, movies and licensed merchandise keep Archie and his friends in the public eye, and the company's website,, keeps millions of kids happy month after month.
For more fun with Archie and his friends, be sure to visit

Some interesting statistics:

6 – 12 year-olds constitute 78% of the Archie Audience.
45% of Archie readers are male – 55% female.
Archie enjoys 6.57 readers per copy (of these, 5.12 are kids, 1.45 are adults).
Average Archie reader picks up and reads each Archie comic book 7.4 times.
Each issue of Archie reaches 4.7 million kids, and makes over 44 million reader impressions.
#1 in youth magazine sales at supermarket checkouts. Archie is sold at:
Supermarkets: A&P, Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Albertsons, Overwaitea Foods, Food Lion, Vons Grocery, Meijers, Lucky’s
Mass Market: Wal Mart, K-Mart
Drug Stores: Shoppers Drug Mart, Eckerd Drug, Rite Aid, London Drug, Long’s Drug
Convenience: 7-11, Macs/Becke
Book Stores: Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble
Most popular participatory sports for Archie readers are: Bicycling (68.4%), running (61.1%), and basketball (52.2%). Baseball was fourth (47.7%).
84% listen to recorded music, acquiring almost seven CD’s and cassettes a year.
74.3% play electronic video games.
The average Archie reader goes to 15.6 movies a year.
61.75 own prerecorded video cassettes and acquire an average of over five a year.
On average, Archie kids earn or receive an allowance of almost $20 per week and spend more than $450 million a month.
Parents reported their kids influenced them to buy specific brands of breakfast cereal (72.8%), candy (59.1%), frozen desserts (54.2%), cookies (51.65), non-carbonated soft drinks (48.9%), carbonated soft drinks (47.4%), crunchy snacks (43%), etc.
92% of parents rate Archie “good” to “excellent”.
Source: 2001 Simmons Reader’s Survey


1) Where do Archie and his friends live?
2) What year did Archie make his debut? Bonus question: in which issue?
3) Who is Archie's number-one rival?
4) Which wealthy and sexy brunette is the object of Archie's affections?
5) Which girl next door has a crush on Archie?
6) What is Archie and his pals' favorite hangout?
7) Who is the principal at Riverdale High?
8) What is Jughead's real first name?
9) What is the name of Jughead's little sister?
10) What is the name of Jughead's dog?
11) A highlight of the early Archie animated cartoons was the Archies rock band performing several hit songs. What song actually became a #1 hit -- the highest-selling single of 1969?
12) What are the last names for a) Archie b) Jughead c) Betty d) Veronica e) Reggie?
13) Which Archie character has dyslexia?

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