Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Horse Ears

(A recent photo by Sarawakiana- Foochow Fried Twin Buns, still piping hot, made in Sibu, May 2nd, 2008)

Do you know what these are called in Foochow or any other dialect?

The Foochows call them Horse Ears. Ma Ngee.

They are fried dough and are actually two parcels of dough fixed together and deep fried.

They make wonderful breakfast buns. Crusty and sweet on the outside,its centre is beautifully soft and easy to chew, a little bit of sweetness with a taste of faint salt. Eating it gives one a wonderful feeling of goodness . The cooking oil used for deep frying this dough must be fresh and not overly hot, or else the sugar coating gets burnt and the inside still under cooked.

Found only in very few Foochow breakfast outlets in Sibu and Bintulu, this delicacy may be going out of fashion.

I am hoping that some one will save it from extinction!

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Gaharuman said...


In Hokkien, it is called "Horseshoe". Whatever the name, it still taste as nice!!

Sarawakiana said...

Indeed I have never heard of the term.

Why are we so different? I mean the Foochows (Ma Ngee) and the Hokkiens (Bae A)?

Do you know its recipe? We can get someone to do a franchise!! Think cinnamon king or apple strudels.

tumi said...


Gaharuman said...

Not Bae A in Hokkien but Bae Hua Chee11

Gaharuman said...


i do not know its recipe but I used to observe those making them in Sibu. Looks like same ingredient as the long kueh - I forgot the name.

Gaharuman said...


I agree that it can be franchise. sometimes I wonder why nobody commercialise local kueh and franchise them like kompiang - the bagel-style with tuna, salmon, cheese, etc filling?

Sarawakiana said...

The Ma Ngee must have the right sugary taste, the right amount of salt and the crusty outer layer with a creamy soft centre.

This is just the right metaphor to describe a great and good hearted person -- smile -

Tumi nice of you to drop by...and Gaharuman - let's all dream of franchises....

Free Bird said...

I'll take the challenge!

I just need the recipe.
Just reading the few favourite foochow food cakes, sweets, ingredients, makes me just wanting to go home and eat without getting any fatter. Gluttony. :p

Sarawakiana said...

You must get the recipes and try them out. Perhaps a trip to Taiwan too?

I would love to receive a dozen Ma Ngee once in a while.

Good wishes.


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