Sunday, June 15, 2008

Radio Controlled Planes - Sibu Padang

In the 1970's and 1980's Sibu had a new craze led by Dr. Ding Siew Hua - Radio Controlled Planes. If I am not mistaken, a club was even formed to gather more enthusiasts together. One of the enthusiasts was an alumni of Methodist School, and a student of mine - Wong KXX XXX. When he went to study in Australia he brought his hobby along. I am wondering if he had continued his hobby to this day.

As a young mother then I took my kids to watch the planes flying from , and over, the Sibu Padang which was originally named King George Memorial Ground for the Duke of Edinburgh's visit. It was good for children to learn about aeronautics and let their imagination develop. Einstein once said that "Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life's coming attraction." And thus stories began to build up in everyone's mind , set against the beautiful setting sun, tall coconut trees, amidst diverse races and religion, rich and poor in Sibu.

This padang has the most unusual history as there were so many name changes ,as and when VVIPs came to visit. We just called it the Padang as there has has been too many name changes and today, it is not even there! Sibu has this habit of painting names over with new names. It is sad that this is happening and I am worried that in the end there is very little historical meaning and value in many places and buildings our previous generation built.

It was always good to bring the kids out to "makan angin" in the padang in those days. And fresh air did do wonders. This activity brought back a lot of memories because I remember when we were younger, parents did not know where to bring their children for recreation!! The highlight of any one's life was a visit to the old Sibu Airport and watch panes take off and land!! The evening time was the best to visit the old Sibu Airport then.

It is interesting that a check on the Net reveal a few quick facts about rc flying:
It's never been so easy or affordable to get started in rc flying as it is today.

RC airplanes & helicopters are easier to fly and more available than ever before.

RC airplane clubs are more common now than ever before.

Almost anyone can enjoy flying rc aircraft of all kinds.

RC flyers are a very friendly and helpful bunch of people!

3 memories:

Greenspot said...


Yes, I remember I once saw Dr Ding playing with his RC airplane in his big house compound.

If I am not mistaken, I also remember at one time the Swak govt banned rc airplane as it fear that it can be used for assasination (carrying a bomb).

Sarawakiana said...

Yes, I there is no document related to this spot. May have to ask Dr. Ding himself, or one of the sons of the late TYT.

I left Sibu in the late 80's and lost track of the development of this sport, which is indeed, an expensive one.

Clarence said...

I was too young for the time of King George VI. During my time it's already Tungku Haji Bujang Padang Sukan. And now it's not even there...really too bad!


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