Monday, June 16, 2008

James Bond and His Gadgets

A short, short story for the day.

What movies did you watch? I watched every Bond movie twice, or even thrice. Call it "nothing to do but watch movies" in places where culture was not a popular word, and money was everything. A woman with brains was nothing. Being sexy was everything.

But money bored me. Money made me unhappy. I ate to live. How much money did I need to eat? May be only 5 ringgit a day, then.

I spent days philosophising on how much I really needed. I needed food and I needed money for my Bond Movies.

The rest was unimportant.

Quick. I needed a fix. A James Bond movie. Then. In the past tense. It was like that.

And now? It is still the same I suppose. Present tense.

End of discussion.


Enjoy another article below, if you are a James Bond addict.

Bond Gadgets

Take a look at some of the gadgets James Bond has used over the past 40 years courtesy of Q...

From 'Dr. No' to 'Die Another Day' a Bond film has always had Gadgets, and here is the complete list end to end:

Dr. No

Relatively gadget free film, but the introduction of the Walther PPK 7.65mm firearm was more than a match for Bond's adversaries

From Russia With Love

Specially designed attaché case containing knives, tubes of ammunition and a canister of tear gas; Rollifex camera with recording device; Armalite rifle.


Aston Martin DB5 equipped with machine guns, oil dispenser, smoke screen, bullet-proof shields, ejector seat, wheel hub tire slasher blades, Homing/Tracker device.


Dell-Textron jet pack; miniaturized breathing apparatus; underwater jet pack; compressed air missiles with explosive heads.

You Only Live Twice

Gyrocopter (known as 'Little Nellie'); homing missiles; helmet camera; cigarette with rocket-powered dart

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Armalite machine gun; portable computerised safe-opened and copying machine

Diamonds Are Forever

'Voice Box' that alters a voice to imitate others; device for winning jackpots on slot machines; pocket mousetrap-style clamp for snapping prying hands; artificial fingerprints

Live and Let Die

Shark gun; high-pressure capsules; wristwatch with built-in circular saw; bug detector in toilet kit.

The Man With The Golden Gun

Rocket Firing Nikon Camera; villains 24-carat golden gun, homing device disguised as a clothing button.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Lotus Esprit that transforms into a submarine, equipped with underwater and sea-to-air missile launchers; cigarette case that converts to a microfilm reader; wristwatch with ticker-tape readout.


Cigarette lighter camera, cigarette case X-ray device for opening safe's, Seiko watch with demolition apparatus and detonator; high speed Gondola and Hovercraft; powered hang glider; speedboat equipped with mines and homing torpedo; nerve activated, wrist dart-gun;

For Your Eyes Only

Binocular camera; car demolition device


Acrostar Jet; 3-wheeler Honda auto rickshaw; TV watch and video camera; homing device and microphone in Fabergé egg; homing device in watch; pen/bug receiver containing metal-cutting acid; Crocodile submarine; hot-air balloon with CCTV cameras and receiver screen in basket

A View To A Kill

Small robot surveillance machine ("Snooper"); watch with a garrote cord; fountain pen which causes the writing to burn; bug detecting device under the head of a Philishave razor; video camera that determines from a central computer, the identity of a subject.

The Living Daylights

Aston Martin Volante automobile with bullet-proof glass, fireproof body, guided missiles, jet engine booster rocket, convertible ice tires, snow ski's hidden in door sills, laser cutting device in wheel hubs, self destruct mechanism; portable radio which fires mini-rocket ("A Ghetto Blaster"); pen which duplicates what another pen writes by using radio receiver; key ring which emits a stun gas on whistle, and explodes on another whistle command - A wolf whistle.

License to Kill

Travel alarm clock packed with explosives, standard British passport that detonates on opening; Hasselblad camera that can be broken apart and reconstructed as a signature recognition hand gun; Polaroid camera that emits laser beams and takes X-Ray photos; explosive disguised as toothpaste.


Leather belt with a 75-foot grappling cord built into the buckle; gun that fires a piton attached to a power-retractable high tensile wire designed to support Bond's weight; silver tray which doubles as an X-Ray document scanner; pen that becomes a class four grenade; laser emitting watch that also serves as an arming device; leg cast that becomes a missile launcher, BMW Z3 car with stinger missiles behind the headlamps

Tomorrow Never Dies

Modified BMW 750 iL, all the usual refinements, plus remote control from a mobile phone, the phone also includes a 20,000 volt tazer, and fingerprint scanner; lighter/grenade concealed in an Omega wristwatch.

The World Is Not Enough

A new BMW Z8, with rocket launchers and a compact remote control stored in the car keys; Omega watch with grappling hook launcher and an 800 lb strength filament wire to support Bond's weight.

Die Another Day

Aston Martin Vanquish V12 with adaptive camouflage technology, capable of making the car virtually invisible to the human eye, projecting the opposite image from each side of the car, onto each other side of the car. Fully remote controlled, with missiles, auto tracking machine guns, on screen display and intelligent self-repair system; Also an ultrasonic ring capable of shattering any known glass even bullet proof glass with a simple twist of the ring.
© David J Kellas 2002 Images Copyright of MGM

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