Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Secret behind Your Teh C Peng and Teh Tarik

In Sibu, when you order a cup of tea, you actually get a cup of white tea, ie tea with condensed milk.

When you order tea without milk or sugar, you have to ask for Teh O Kosong.

Teh O means plain tea. Kosong means - not sweet.

Now another important element is the "C" in your tea. "C" is for evaporated milk. If you forget that, you get condensed milk which you may not like.

Many people order Teh C Kosong . They are asking for tea with evaporated milk but no sugar.

Add Peng to your tea, you get iced tea. You can work out the rest of the permutations.

Now you also need to know what is three layered tea. This is a special tea with a layer of apong sugar at the bottom, a layer of evaporated in the middle and then a layer of tea at the top. When it comes to you, it is beautifuly layered. You have to give it a hard stir andthe concoction is heavenly , if you have a very very sweet tooth.

Teh Tarik is different again. The tea brewer will give your tea a few "pulls" with his tin cup to add in some air bubbles. Teh Tarik is made with evaporated milk. Again you have to make sure whether you want it with sugar or with. (Kosong or not?)

However, when you make you own iced tea at home, the piquant taste is not there. And the milk is different!!
The secret lies in the tea most coffee shops use. They use Ceylon 888 Brand.

give it a try and you can tell the difference.


DR BALWANT SINGH BAINS… "Unless we change our lifestyle, especially the teh tarik culture, the occurrence of stroke in the next coming generation is going to be very, very high indeed." Pix: Rushdan Abdul Manan

By Azman Ujang

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 2 (Bernama) -- Malaysians enter the New Year with a warning that the number of people prone to stroke in this country is alarming and their ages getting younger and younger.

And consultant physiotherapist Dr Balwant Singh Bains, who counts VVIP's and even members of the royalty from the Middle East as among his stroke patients, blames it on the "teh tarik" phenomenon and Malaysia being a very high meat-consuming nation.

"Unless we change our lifestyle, especially the teh tarik culture, the occurrence of stroke in the next coming generation is going to be very, very high indeed," Dr Bains told Bernama.

Expressing concern over the high intake of teh tarik, the main ingredient of which is condensed milk, he said: " Diabetes and high blood pressure are the biggest killers in the country. A person who has diabetes and high blood pressure is like a time-bomb and they are many walking time-bombs in Malaysia waiting to explode anytime".

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Miss LuLu said...

Teh tarik! my fav drink..but seriously it contains alooot of calories! my mum always say to me, "always always go yam char la, diabetic later"..hehe

Sarawakiana said...

Hi there,
nice of you to drop by. Go for teh tarik C kosong.

I go for kopi C kosong or teh halia tarik....for my old bones.

Be cheerful!


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