Sunday, June 08, 2008

Every Good Foochow Woman's "Must Have's"

In the past, a good Foochow mother must teach her daughters several important lessons in life, especially before they got married. Those were days before DIY and Self Improvement Books(SIB) and MBAs. A mother then was the keeper of all knowledge.

My mother loved to say this, "Every Good Foochow Woman must have cooking oil, sugar and salt in her kitchen. If she does not have these three, it would be very embarrassing. Not nice to see. Meh hoh kan."

Does that statement still ring true today with home delivery of fast food, eating out styles and other conveniences?

In this posting I will write about different kinds of cooking oil that we can have/not must have, in our kitchen.

In the olden days, we had only tins of Matang Cooking oil, with the vegetable brand. I still remember my mother and aunts patiently cook pork fat to make the delicious white and creamy lard. Any one not having lard at home was looked upon. This was one way of showing how efficient a Foochow housekeeper was. Today we are spoilt for choice by supermarkets and even e-Bay.
Over the years we have different kinds of cooking oil .I have a small gallery of pictures here for you to look at and reflect on our evolving life style and tastes. I will slowly add more pictures later.

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